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My Classical Guitar

This is my babe.

An Antonio Sanchez Estudio Model S-20
Maker and Year: Antonio Sanchez/Current
Country of Origin: Spain
Materials: Solid cedar top, bobinga back and sides, glossy polyurethane finish
Measurements: Scale is 650mm and width at nut is 51mm

It is actually a student guitar hence very forgiving. I was very lucky to land on this one as I find it very difficult to spot a hand made spanish classical guitar here. It cost me quite a bit and I have to dig deep into my pocket to own this babe. Its sounded better as it wear out. Groovy.

And as I progressed I am looking for another guitar and it is the José Ramirez 1977 1a

Maker and Year: José Ramirez/1977
Country of Origin: Spain
Materials: Cedar top, Indian rosewood back and sides, lacquer finish
Measurements: Scale is 664mm and width at nut is 54mm

Anyhow I yearn to visit Spain to have a closer look at other hand made spanish guitars. Closer to home I heard that someone in the Phillipines crafted excellent classical guitars. I got to know this from Majalah 3 if I am not mistaken.

I have been to quite a number of guitar recitals but at the moment I wanted to see Kaori Muraji. Ms Muraji is not only beautiful but a superb classical guitarist.

Lets enjoy one of her recitals.



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