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Sufiah Yusuf…genius, gorgeous, gullible?

This lady is indeed a genius. At the age of 13 she checked into Oxford and math’s is her specialty. She must be  the envy of many. Brainy and beautiful.

Whatever happened to her must be something that only she has the answer. I wonder why Malaysian is so excited about her being. I bet Sufiah is one tough lady who has calculated the risk she is taking doing what she is doing now. Is she doing it for fun? Is she doing it because she could not control the daemon in her? I do not know. I think she is in control of her misdeeds.

Just like she got bored doing her chores as a student I trust she will turn into a new leaf when she calms down. I would sincerely pray that for her. She was so composed during her interview and that does not reflect her misnomer character at all.



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