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Torn between two lovers

Questions of who will prescribe and who will dispense medication to the patients will be a mind boggling thing.

Currently when we got sick we go to a clinic, see the doctor, he prescribed the medications and the nurse (are they pharmacist?) will dispense the medication. Period.

In the wake of the tussle between doctors (private clinic?) and the pharmacist’s association on who does what is something that need to be carefully thought. Whatever the decision to be reached it should not cause any inconvenience to the consumer (patients).

I have seen these practices while I was abroad and come to think of it I thought that this cause inconvenience to the sick as they have to add another chores to their routine. Meaning if I get sick, I see the doctor and after prescribing the medication I have to go and find a pharmacy to buy the medicine. Half of the day gone and I will be feeling sicker if the pharmacy is packed with people or other matters like traffic jam etc. Cost will obviously increase. Time wasted and productivity lowered.

Nonetheless, as many of us are fuzzy about medical logics as we always thought that doctors comes from intelligent species (isn’t all straight A’s students wanted to be come doctors?) does pharmacists belong to the same? I am just wondering. This however does not mean that I am belittleling the pharmacist. I bet they must be as good as doctors and pharmacists complement each other.

But why must we change what we have today? From the consumer point of view I do not see much benefits after the doctor prescribed what medication I should consume. Even now I do not know whether I can choose my medicine. Except maybe for some pain killers, that the manufacturers or marketing company advertises their medicine, the rest depended so much on the doctors prescription. In this matter could the pharmacist change the doctor’s prescription? If it can be so are we saying that the doctor is not good?

Let us all see this objectively. Obviously, as consumers we do not wish to be kicked around when we fell sick and we surely do not want to spend extra money and a little bit more on our time just to heal our ills.

After all when corporate strategist promotes ONE-STOP-CENTERS for consumers’ convenience why do we want to think otherwise?

By the way can the pharmacists give assurance that they could read the horrible hand writing of the doctors?



One response to “Torn between two lovers

  1. Tsquare

    Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂

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