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Of maggots, idiots and scums!

I am pissed…bloody piss off with the current political antics that are currently becoming a national farce. Can all the bleeding statesmen stop the bickering and just get down to what they are supposed to do?

PRU12 has long gone and those who do not win should start looking into their lucky mirror and ask themselves why they lost. For those who won will you just stop the frolic and start to work your promises?

I for one am terribly sick with all the nonsense. This fiasco reflects how obnoxious Malaysian politicians are. They are bloody bad administrators trying to tell people to behave when they themselves are like maggots fighting for dung. Those scum even bites at each other.

C’mon people. Grow up! We have entered the millennium and we do not wish to be abhorred by child play. Wake up and start thinking about how to help the rakyat who are facing the challenges of world economic slump. Prove it to the people that they have been wide of the mark when they decided against you. This is the only way you would get the votes back. All I see today more people are getting tired with your kampong attitude and if there is another election tomorrow I bet you have put the final nail to your fetid coffin!

bla lah lu…gua nak balek ah…


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