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Zanzibar….the secret of Indian Ocean

I visited this island and was in awe with its beautiful white sandy beaches. Yes. Zanzibar is part of the Republic of Tanzania but it has its own autonomy.

This quiet city is the total opposite of the dusty Dar es Salaam the capital city of Tanzania. Zanzibar is an island that is occupied by mostly Arabs of Oman descendant. It is about 25 miles away from the coast of Tanzania and could be reached by air or by sea.

I traveled to this rustic city by sea as I wanted to experience the waves of the Indian Ocean. People of Zanzibar or I called them Zanzibari are very friendly. Languages spoken are Swahili and English.

Habari – how are you

 Asante sana – thank you very much

 Ginger ale baridi – everytime when I asked for a cold ginger ale

Mzuri – good

 Ndiyo – yes

 Pole-pole – slowly

 Toka – go away

 Anyhow need no worry. English is widely spoken. But if you know a bit of Swahili it will be useful to ayat their Tyra Banks, Halle Barry, Venessa Williams and all that jazz.

Zanzibar’s beaches are brilliant. It has soft white sand with warm clear blue waters. It is so tranquil so to speak.

 “Aiyah soooo lomantik lorrr” my colleague utters.

 “Lomantik aarrr…come la lomen-lomen…want aaarrr  hahaha” I joked.

 There are so many nice hotels at the beaches but I choose those in the city as I wanted to savor the food bazaar at the city esplanade after the night falls. With Tanzanian shillings of 10,000 or USD 10 you can enjoy the wide spread of delicious seafood from lobster, big prawns, octopus, ikan bakar, crabs, salads, potato fries, and yes murtabak, traditional sweets like baklava, fruits and many more.

 Girls are also at large looking for a date. You name it. They are all there; Janet Jackson to Oprah hahahaha. Zanzibaris chic are a wee bit fairer than their counter parts in the mainland. I met this sweet girl who worked as a salesgirl at one of the tourist spots in Dar es Salaam and we became friends soon after.

 Zanzibar is a heaven for those who love beaches. That is all I could say about this Island. In Dar es Salaam their popular dance club could fit 1,000 people and whenever I went there sampai subuh baru balek. There are another club that were patronized by the Indian community but the ladies there were a wee bit eksen pasal dorang ingat dorang lawa macam madhuri dixit…podah hehehe. This community however while somewhat minority controlled the economy of the country. They are very important in Dar es Salaam while the Omanis being the majority in Zanzibar rule the island.

 Enjoy the scenic sunset of Zanzibar.




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