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Reptile Dysfunction…


This is interesting.

I was at this pet shop in mid valley and was watching the iguanas. Are they dangerous? I read about them and generally they are not. I like to keep one but after learning that they are not like cats which are easily managed I reserve my desire to have them.

Anyhow I went home to read more about iguanas and I found this very interesting article.

“It is estimated that 38% of all green iguanas (Iguana iguana) will develop some form of reptile dysfunction by the age of 8. This embarasing disease can cause loss of sex drive. (Like anyone wants to know that.) Now, Viagra is available in iguanid form. Taken once daily, Viagra for Iguanas (V4I) can restore or improve sexual function in most iguanas.

V4I is not for everyone. V4I cannot be used in iguanas 2 and under. V4I should be taken on en empty stomach with a little bit of water. V4I is habit-forming. Twelve-step programs are available if your iguana becomes addicted. V4I should not be taken by females. (Don’t ask. Just trust us on this one.) If your iguana has or might have had or might have in the future dizziness, nausea, severe vommiting, or respritory distress, V4I may not be right. Please consult a vet before taking V4I.” (Source:


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