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Black panties with an angel face



I was in the city of Esfahan many years back. It was a sojourn that I amusingly cannot forget.


Esfahan is known as the city of arts. Someone told me that KL is its twin city. Nah…those people must be out of their mind as I see KL and Esfahan seperti langit dengan bumi. The street name of Sogo was named Jalan Esfahan


Strolling in Esfahan was like walking into a museum of arts. KL is nowhere near. Not even in its vicinity.


To get into Esfahan, the fastest route is by air. It was about 35 minutes from Tehran. I spent two days in Tehran because I need to meet my associate, a retired accountant who worked with PWC in New York. I need first hand advise about everything from culture to how to spend time in Esfahan.


English is obviously not the language of choice. I must learn Persian fast. I need to survive while in the city. I was traveling alone on a job I need to accomplish. I only knew that the people that I am meeting could communicate in broken English. That is ok with me as I spoke broken English too!


I reached Esfahan on a chilly winter morning. On descend all I saw was a rustic city with trees without a single leaf. Wa hah..winter la dude. I consoled myself.


On entry at Tehran airport, I checked out and declared myself Malazee…moeslem.

“Aaaaa….I love Mohammed”. The immigration officer told me and granted a three month multiple entry visa. He was actually referring to Tun Mahathir, Malaysia Premier at that time. Boy I am very proud that they knew Malaysia although not many Malaysian has visited their country.


I found the statement Malazee…moeslem was my passport in the city. Wherever I went and when I see curious faces looking at me I will utter the magic word and I will get smiles and sometimes a warm handshake. I am pleased. Tun Mahathir has indeed made Malaysia very famous out of obscurity.


I studied Persian quickly. The TV has helped me in abundant especially the cartoon series. They were all translated into Persian. I bought a vocabulary book and a dictionary. I mingled with the people in the hotel to help me master the language.


One and a half week I could shop around and could converse basic Persian. Persian is not so difficult to master after all. Words and numbers are written in jawi and I find it helpful as I can read simple jawi.


Salam – Greetings when you meet someone

Khodaafez – Good bye


Bale – Boleh


Na – No


Biadab – Biadab


Khubi – Good


People thought I was from Taiwan or Korea. They said that I look like a cink also meaning a Chinese man. Hahaha…they must be correct as my mum was an adopted daughter of a Thai family from Teluk Anson (now Teluk Intan) and my dad was a pure Bugis.


My two months in Esfahan wasn’t something that I enjoyed but the city was enchanting. I was very lonely during the chilly nights as the city was dead after maghrib.


Chics were pretty in their eyes as I can’t see much because of their hijab. I can only see them in full only on board Emirates departing Tehran. Wow! I thought some of the world most beautiful girls must be from this land of Aryans.


On their homeland all I saw was ladies in black veils all covered from top to toe. Only eyes shimmering like stars in the sky. Awesome! Their beauties beckon angels in the sky.


With black is the color of the day, I thought about the black panties with an angel face. I need to go home fast! With me is a box of black panties tucked in my chest!












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