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Surfcasting Secrets


I have been fishing since I was a kid. Growing up in Kuantan fishing is the activity that is a must. Learning the trade was mind boggling. I have to think about how to make my own tackles especially the sinkers which was the most expensive items.


As I grew older I can afford something better. I bought myself a six foot rod and a small reel. I fished whenever and wherever I could but I still failed to land a whopper. I always thought that the tackles I used when I was a kid were much better as I could land more fish.


Little that I know that there are less fishes to fish nowadays. While fishing sites have been contaminated, netting activities by weekend hobbyist has spooked the fish species to extinction.


I tried my hand in the paid fishing ponds only to discover that the competition was far too much to take. There were too many hopefuls with too few fish to catch. The towkay made the most out of it netting a whopper in fees.


I started to find fishing became a very stressful activity. Obviously I am not a fisherman who catches fish to make a meal on the table. I gave away all my catches.


I started to switch to deep sea fishing. I made it a monthly affairs going out to anywhere people mentioned there are lots of fish. Awesome! I spent 3 days 2 nights on most trips as but my first day was always spent sleeping as I got sea sick! I find that very disturbing! I eventually quit deep sea fishing as I found out that the number of fishes has decreased and so the size. We got to go further to catch a decent catch!


One day I met my brother in law and noticed that he is also an ardent angler. But he fished from the beaches and he proudly showed me the whoppers he caught. Whoaa. Giant stingrays! He exhibited his tackles and I was amused. 13++ footer rods with handsome reels on top. Those easily cost him RM 2000 plus. Wow. I listened attentively about his sojourns to catch fish from the beach and what I like most is that it involves the whole family.


I am loving it! At least I could spend time with my family on weekends I wanted to fish. It would be a picnic for us. Sounds great!


I learned the sport of beach fishing known as surf casting from my brother in law as well as from his friends mostly from Singapore where this type of fishing has matured.


I am also in awe to see that these guys also engaged into distant casting where they uses the surf casting tackles they have to match each other strength and wits to cast their lead furthest on a dry ground, a sport very popular in the UK.


I am hooked! The secrets of surf casting has been unveiled!






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