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Nothing Matters

To subjugate the fear for anything we need to tell our subconscious mind that nothing would stop us from fear of not getting what we want.


We have all our life living with the subconscious mind controlling us only to alert us on the path we should take or how we should drive us in life. Where does all this come from? I think it is simply like programmed applications in the computer system that built barriers and defy our needs of doing things we wanted to do. This resist our creativity and lead us to the answer that we least want to know.

Sportsmen and sportswomen who defy the odds and break records are people who have overcome their subconscious mind consciously. Have we all thought about sprinters dipping sub 10 seconds in the 100 meters dash? Were we in awe to see such a feat is achieved? I trust so. How it was done was all in the mind.


The vast majority of the 234 U.S. billionaires whose education level is tracked by Forbes magazine through 1999 finished college; 100 have some form of advanced degree, but 41–that’s 18%–never got their college diplomas and two never even finished high school.(Source:

I have met a number of Malaysian tycoons who can’t even speak proper English and these people are filthy rich! On one occasion I was ask to deliver a RM 3 million personal cheque to one of my boss associates. Holy kudaaa….it is a personal cheque maa…if company’s cheque I no heran laa…I did ask him he did it?..All I got is a grin from him and told me to quit my job if I want to be like him…huh…

On a very serene morning in Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania, I come to terms with myself and decided to quit my job. I have defy all my logics and turned into a new leaf to see how am I going to dwell with my life.

Gone are my nice suits and my chauffer. No more Disney holidays for my family. My Beyonce and Tyra Banks in Tanzania was crying profusely when I told them I have packed my bags for good. The flight home was my last on business class. I came back. I bought a practical car to get me from point A to point B. I find it very comfortable. My soul is in peace. I wear pants with no pockets because I have no more cash to carry with me. I surrender all my credit cards and I owe no banks no money. I have no friends and all my foes were gone for good too!

I tried doing things that I am good at but was played out by someone who is very smart to use me. I made him rich while I remain a pauper. But the almighty is great he gave me a raw gem that I need to polish them!

I am just hoping I could grin the way my former boss has given to me. I have work hardest even harder than before when I make my boss wealthy. I know I have overcame the fear many have told me I gila.

Nothing matters. I have got nothing to lose.

I thank the almighty for the strength he gave me and I hope he will show me the money. Amin


3 responses to “Nothing Matters

  1. diphthong ⋅

    where you contesting this time?

  2. Leen

    how come you sound saner in your blog than in other people’s?

  3. rozzdabozz ⋅


    I wanted to. But SPR disapprove my party coz they said its too orgy. So I give everybody a walkover lah 8-p


    hahaha I just dunno…is it becoz I am an Arien?

    cheers guyz…

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